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Welcome in this amateur site, dedicated to Golf Philately

Golf player and philatelist, it's a natural thing to become a golf stamp collector.

A great thank to Bernard Bergeret, a fabulous collector, who help me now to improve the site, with pieces of his golf collection.

Thanks to Georges Jeanneau, a precious help when I was a beginner (I am still), for all advices.

 At the launch of this site, I endevoured to cover each of the major areas of Golf Philately.

But it is a hard work, I need time and there are so many cancellations, so, at this moment, you will just find stamps.

 Any comments, good or bad, suggestions or improvements that I can make to this site will be gratefully received.  Please  e-mail me on this subject.
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 Happy Collecting

Last comment : I don't sell any stamp.

In Mémoriam of Luis Garcia



Dubaî Creek Golf Club, November 2005


Thanks to Seve, a great Player !


The French Open Cup, but not the winner !